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Microbial Management

Chemya Biocides Key Features

Chemya Microbial Management services help you to mitigate operational risks with customized biocide solutions and advanced monitoring services that control microbial-influenced corrosion (MIC). Bacteria can create several challenges that affects the production system operation and leads corrosion failures to severe environmental consequences.

Minimize the risks of souring and plugging in reservoir and production systems, and increase your production uptime.

Maintain wellbore and production systems free from plugging or slowdowns in production rates.

Reduce operational risks and prevent injector plugging or aggressive MIC that can affect the integrity of your production equipment.

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Microbial Management H2S Scavengers

H2S Scavengers

CHEMYA H2S scavengers reduce the corrosion risk and HSE hazards associated with managing sour production streams. Our extensive portfolio includes triazine and Non-triazine products.