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Paraffin Inhibitors

Paraffin management is a critical part of your overall flow assurance strategy. They have a proprietary blend of hydrocarbons used to liquify paraffin buildup which is commonly found in flow lines, storage tanks, and in crude oil pipelines. They create a molecular bond with crude oil and will not require separation from the crude before it is processed through the refining process. These products will also lower the pour point of the treated crude, which improves pumpability of the treated crude.

Chemya paraffin Inhibitors prevent and remediates paraffin deposits in your production systems, increasing profit and lowering operating expenditures in several ways. Prevent paraffin deposition and reduce pigging and cleaning frequency with our paraffin inhibitor chemistries. Limit paraffin crystal growth to keep product viscosities low and production rates high with our pour point depressants (PPDs). Dissolve existing paraffin from tubing, flowlines, and service equipment to boost production rates and lower pumping costs with our solvents and dispersants.

Paraffin inhibitor 800